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June 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing



Hey all, usually I put these up on a Sunday but we’re changing it up slightly and it’s going up today as I have something to share in the next couple of days, possibly, who knows, guess you’ll find out. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m on the last set of chapters for the June book read-along at the moment so after sharing with you all the pretty items, I’m diving in to finish it!

Remember, June Fairyloot spoilers ahead!


Idk about anyone else but I was in love with the art for the theme




Yet again, need to read the books *sighs* I think I’ve only read one book out of all the tarot cards so far. This is ADSOM I think? Help someone lol




I really enjoyed Blood Heir so getting a pretty art print for it made my day lol, NOW GIMME BOOK 2!!




Since joining the online book community I have accumulated so many of these iron-on patches lol and yet, Idk what to do with them, I’m considering getting a jean jacket and slapping them all on but Idk.




Avatar the Last Airbender coasters? YES PLEASE. Spawn is obsessed with this show and I mean, fair enough, it’s amazing, but it was nice to have something she could really enjoy as well.




These socks are so comfy! And they match the cover perfectly lol so that was nice!




This has been one of my favorite items ever so far! LOOK HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE THAT LITTLE TEAPOT TEA STRAINER IS! LOOK AT IT! [It’s Alice in Wonderland themed if you are curious…and curious-er, get it? See what I did there??]




‘Love is an excellent motivator to kill” such a pretty pin with a really fun quote from The Shadows Between Us! I’m pin obsessed so I was definitely pleased with this.



This box had TWO books and I had this one preordered already so it was definitely on my radar, and omg, holy cow is this book gorgeous! Look at how shiny! Look at the pretty sprayed edges! I haven’t read it yet, but I will, this doesn’t come out till 2021.




Are you ready for the main book?


The Author letter print is so pretty and matches the reverse artwork on the dust jacket!



Now if you don’t like spiders, you may not be enjoying the naked hardback of the book but it is so pretty, and the change of the font from yellow to green isn’t much of a difference but the artwork on the reverse is so pretty!! So no sprayed edges or anything crazy different aside from that, but, still the same amazing words inside!


There we have it, the June 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing!


Did you get this one? Did you like any item in particular?

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