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Street Team Sunday



Hey guys, so part of being in this bookish community for the past year has led me to such a wonderful discovery!

Street Teams!

I love them, I think they’re awesome and I always try to join any street team of an author I love. But hey even if we’re not on their street teams/they don’t have one, that doesn’t stop most of us from raving about their books!

So today I want to highlight what street teams I’m on!

We’ll start with the ones I’m most vocal about:

cover photo, Image may contain: night and text

Surprise, surprise, I’m on the street team for Nicki Pau Preto’s Heart of Flames. I can’t help it, I loved Crown of Feathers so much and then when she announced having a street team, well, I flew to the laptop. This has been so much fun, she’s been so generous with her time with us and I’ve gotten to know some awesome people who also love this trilogy. We’ve done bookstagram challenges, twitter chats, readalongs, all on our own to show our love and Nick definitely deserves it.


cover photo, Image may contain: possible text that says 'Harley in the Sky The Official Street Team'

Harley in the Sky! Akemi Dawn Bowman has some great books so I really wanted to sign up for this. Once again she’s given us so much of her time and been so great. The challenges everyone set up are so much fun and you can expect my Harley in the Sky eARC review later this month as this baby rolls into release next month!


cover photo, No photo description available.

I was so excited about Romanov, I ran to sign up for Brandes’s street team. Best part? I haven’t read Romanov yet but I did cohost a Fawkes Readalong and loved it. So, haha one book down, a few more to go! I also plan on reading Romanov this April! Anyone who wants to buddy read this, lemme knooooow.


Some of the first teams I’ve joined

cover photo, No photo description available.

So, I read this awesome book called Off Planet and realized I wanted to know everything that came from this author and the publisher. So I promptly joined this superfans page, not quite a street team, but, I’m definitely all for screeching about Off Planet to everyone. I’m almost finished with Off Balance and so you can expect my review of that one soon enough!


This is more of a review team, but if you’ve heard of S. Usher Evans, she’s a great author that puts out some really fun and equally great books! I’ve got some catching up to do with her books but I’m definitely going to be getting to that this year and with much enthusiasm. If you’re wondering what book is hers that I’ve raved about it’s The City of Veils


Newest Street Teams:

cover photo, Image may contain: 5 people, possible text that says 'DIANA URBAN'S YOUR READER GROUP TWISTED SECRETS DIANA URBAN'

All Your Twisted Secrets sounds like some amazing Clue meets One of Us is Lying, so I’m all about that life. I joined this in a heartbeat after preordering and I’ve been really lucky to get an eARC of it as well so I’ll be reading and reviewing it in March or April!


Inkyard Press

I may have screeched in excitement about this one! Also, there’s a readalong going on for Shadow of the Fox this month! I’ve added a pic of it so you can jump in if you like!! I’m SO SO SO excited for Night of the Dragon. I was on the blog tour for Soul of the Sword and have been in love with the first two books of this trilogy.

Join us for a Shadow of the Fox read-a-long! Use #FoxReadalong to join the conversion.


cover photo, No photo description available.

And my final and most recent street team addition! Kell’s Skeleton Crew! I had way too much fun buddy reading Gravemaidens with Kal and Ruby when we all happened to have an eARC of it, and just how this book ended combined with the title of the second book; Warmaidens, I AM SO READY. So, let me screech about this book to you in the upcoming months.


Books to Look out for For

Heart of Flames
Off Planet
Harley in the Sky
The Queen of Veils
Night of the Dragon
All Your Twisted Secrets

Did I join too many? Maybe, but I love all these authors, I love all these books, and I can’t wait for you all to love them too or share the love if you already love them!

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YAAAS HALEY!!!! Congrats on being on these street teams and I shall happily add all of these books on my tbr shelf for you. And I’m excited for our next readalong of Warmaidens with you guys because this needs to be a thing again!!

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