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LotR Marathon & Feast

I’m scheduling this post for tomorrow so currently I’m watching Two Towers and loving every special extended edition of it.

**Shocking, but I have yet to read the books! I plan to, I just fell in love with the movies so much as a kid**

Anyway, I rewatch these movies religiously, and so my hubs and I decided we need a tradition as we’re just starting out as a family, this means, LotR annual marathon every January! Why January? It helps inspire some hope for the new year in my opinion.

This year I also finally got to do something I’ve been wanting to for ages. THEMED FOOD for our movie marathon!!

I’m going to share the links for the recipes I used and share the pictures. But I had so much fun with this!

The total cost for the ingredients was under 20 quid, so, not too bad, and we had leftovers today so it fed us for two days!

I did an appetizer, main meal, ‘bread,’ and dessert!

Appetizer: Mushrooms on Toast



Farmer Maggot hopefully won’t have my head but I decided I wanted some tasty mushrooms to start with! Instead of wheat, I used a 50/50 mixed bread.[I think next time I would chop up the mushrooms, but, this was actually the last thing I made though the first thing we ate, and I was beyond caring at that point lol]

Main: Hobbit Beef stew



So I would have given you all a picture of the actual stew, but, we were hungry and wolfed it down. Also please ignore the recycling bines underneath the slow cooker! So I love slow cooker recipes and this recipe seems like a lot but the stew was so good! And so easy because after all that prep I just got to walk away while it cooked.

Lembas Bread



There are a lot of recipes for this! I chose this one, and on this site alone there are two recipes for Lembas bread and so many awesome recipes in general. I tried to make little leaf shapes and then got fed up with my lack of skill and just had whatever shapes were left over lol. It calls for the optional inclusion of raisins, but, I decided to go with some crushed up almonds instead and it’s so good! [I also am eating it while I type this…]

Dessert: Apple Berry Pie



This was actually the first pie that wasn’t pumpkin pie that I’ve ever made! I did a couple of things different than the recipe, I used canned berry filling instead of frozen or fresh, we don’t have a lot of fridge/freezer space and since I was going to have to fiddle with the measurements, I didn’t want to have any ingredients left over that I couldn’t store. I also didn’t have time or space to make a pie crust so as when I make pumpkin pies, I just used a pastry crust.

All in all I can’t wait to do this again, I’ve saved a lot of recipes off multiple sites, and I plan on doing a Hobbit marathon with Bilbo seedcake! And some Harry Potter stuff come my birthday. I know my stuff looks rough but I just never have patience for cooking, as much as I’d like to, so, sorry for the appearances lol.

Do you all have any movies you love to marathon? Or any snack foods you eat while watching them? [Or how about anything to snack on while reading?]

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