New ‘Series’ In the Works!

Hey all!

If you follow me on Twitter, hopefully, you’ve seen that I’m in the works with starting my own series.

It’s called #ComparingNotes

This will be a collab series ^ and it can be a book that another blogger and I have already read or if they’re not crunched for time, we can pick something we’ve both been wanting to read!

I do read quite a few genres so don’t be afraid to add me on GoodReads and snoop by comparing books!

The point of this is to see what sort of things different readers notice about books, regardless of us both liking it or not. This is also what I wanted to roll out to balance out the book tours I’ll be doing in June. I’ll be doing an average of 3 Blog Tours a week and the purpose of this all is just to keep me on point reading while the summer approaches.

I’ve put my NetGalley list on the back burner to do this and it feels kinda good haha I was getting burnt out.


Back to the matter at hand, Comparing Notes is just meant to be a fun way to discuss books with other bloggers and if you’re interested please contact me! You can use my contact page here, or message me on any of my social media accounts, it’ll be a slow process but I promise I’ll get to anyone who is interested.

Some Points you should know:

  • This series will be ongoing so you don’t have to get a hold of me anytime soon, you can bookmark it for later!
  • I’m pretty easy going with book genres except I don’t really read a lot of pure romances so that might be something to give you all a heads up.
  • This doesn’t need to be super in-depth if someone likes the book because the MC loves tacos, that’s cool and valid.
  • It’s fine if we disagree on the book, we’re just stating our points of view to each other, and I promise, I’m super nice and I won’t mind if you hate a book I loved lol.
  • I won’t be using hate speech for authors or books, if a book is problematic and has some serious issues, we’ll skip it. I won’t go up to bat for a book that contains hurtful content and I know you all won’t either, so don’t worry, we’re all in this together…

Now High School Musical is stuck in my head.

I’ve had some great interest in this already and I’m pretty happy with it, hopefully, it will go well but I won’t jinx it before it gets started lol.