May Day

Yesterday was May 1st, can you believe it?! Can you also believe how lazy I have been with book blogging the like last 2-3 days? I’m so sorry haha, I know my April wrap up was not a great overview of what I read, but I decided I’d rather just share the great posts I read and slap up the total of books because I just could not be bothered lol.

I know, my honesty is super unappealing at times.

I also needed a small cool off period from just stressing over my eARCs and step away from the Kindle.

Yesterday I was supposed to be at Avengers Endgame it was the main reason for such a small post. Did that happen?


Because I didn’t realize I booked a showing that was for moms with newborns which means lights up and lowered volume [understandably so, we don’t want to damage their wee eardrums despite their best efforts to deafen us]. Odeon was also super cool and refunded me, shoutout to Shakira for the help….the woman at Odeon, not the singer who happens to be my idol. Anyway.

I have to wait until Saturday now to go see it.


I’ve avoided spoilers and people have been really good about not giving anything away, and as I say this, I feel in my bones I just jinxed it and will see a huge spoiler tomorrow. But! Saturday night is our only option so I just have to wait. Either way, the hubs had the day off so I decided it was time to do something about our bookshelves.

Why, you may ask….well…let me show you.

This shelf is in our room, with all my YA and Manga and it was getting a bit cramped.

And this was our main shelf with classics, fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s books (mostly MG), all double stacked.

Now, we were fortunate to be able to just take some stashed cash and fix this problem a little…these pics also do not depict our small shelf of nonfiction which was also bursting at the seams.

So what did my lovely husband get to do on his day off?

Buy and build a bookshelf.

I wasn’t sure our marriage would survive it, but the books needed it.

We went to Argos, picked one, hauled the bits to the car, which was hilarious as I carried the longer side piece box since I can’t lift the heavier one, and we went home, carrying these things up our twisty sharp cornered stairwell, so the whole time I proceeded to yell:

Upstairs and with the pieces all out we began to read the instructions and realized it said we needed a drill.

After having just borrowed and returned his mom’s drill for the 18th time, we decided it was time to go buy our own so we went to B&Q and went drill hunting…which, well, the man looked at us with sympathy when we explained how clueless we were, and I’m not sure he trusted that we wouldn’t use the drill for the wrong thing.

But we eventually got home and got to building.

I’ll let you be the judge of who is who in that gif.

But this also meant taking all our books off the shelves, moving them, and deciding to rotate everything about and it took the whole day and we are sore and our bodies hate us today but look at the results!

It looks so much better! And our marriage made it through the ordeal! But, it’s like everything fits exactly and perfectly and guess who got three books in the mail today?

Well, there we go, my/our adventure in shelf building.