Collection of the Negatives (The Blood Rising Book 1)

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Publication Date: January 11th, 2019
Genre: Sci-fi/ New Adult
In a world with skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, blood has become the new commodity, and the rarer your blood type, the more it’s worth.
After losing her job and watching her savings dwindle, Liri is persuaded by a resourceful friend to sell her blood to ABO Blood Group, where she learns she is O Negative, the most valuable and sought after blood.
Unable to afford living in New York City, Liri reluctantly decides to move back home and live with her parents, but her plan is interrupted when a virus is maliciously unleashed onto the island of Manhattan, resulting in a citywide quarantine. Before being able to devise an alternative plan, she is secretly informed of a covert mission by ABO to evacuate Negatives out of NYC. Although reluctant to trust them, it’s her only viable choice to stay alive, but unbeknown to Liri, she and the Negatives are vital to activating opposing agendas on Earth and beyond.

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I weave through morning commuters and camped-out homeless people like a crochet needle to catch the train south to Times Square.  On rainy, late-fall days like today, the underground is hot, crowded, and emits a foul stench that forces you to breathe through your mouth.  The tracks shriek as the train comes to a halt. The steel doors open and a swarm of urbanites exits onto the platform. I stand to the left side of the door, waiting for an opportunity to squeeze in, as it’s too early for Monday-morning shoving matches. I slide in, finding cramped standing room between a perspiring, heavyset man and a teenage boy whose urban music I can hear blasting through his earphones. An automated announcement comes over the speaker system as the doors close.

“November is Concerned Citizens Month. The City of New York asks that you know your neighbors and colleagues. If you believe someone is jeopardizing the safety of our city, state, or country, it is your duty to report it, or you will be aiding in domestic terror. Become a concerned citizen; our safety depends on it.”

My Review:

First off I had never heard of someone writing a sci-fi book that used blood types as part of the premise. That’s when I knew I had to give this a read. It’s quite fast-paced the moment the ‘action’ begins, I can’t say more about when it picks up, I would hate to give away spoilers. Liri is interesting, I also like how she was afraid of needles, mostly because it’s such a normal fear to have and it’s always nice when an author remembers the normal traits people have.

You aren’t sure how it’s going to involve the blood type and there are hints but once you get them leaving New York ideas really begin to form. Also, the twists are not ones that I saw coming! If you like Sci-Fi but something that’s not always giving you a bit too much jargon, I would say this is a great pick. [I love the jargon because it’s a big yay for learning new science terms, but sometimes it’s annoying to have to pause the story to look things up]

The group of those evacuated from Manhatten eventually end up on an island, it seems like paradise, it’s perfect, they’re far away from the virus and anything they could ever wish is provided for. So why does Liri suspect something more behind this facade of paradise? I’ll let you find out on your own, but, let me tell you, that ending was a doozy so be prepared, it’ll leave you wanting to jump right into the next book, but unfortunately for us, we’ll have to be patient and wait.

Issues that I had were more to do with just wanting things to be more developed. I know this is NA for its target audience, but I thought it felt more like YA at times, which, I mean that wasn’t really a big issue for me, just something I noted while reading.

Overall it was a really fun read and I’m curious as to what happens next!

**I received this book in exchange for my honest review as part of participation in this Blog Tour**

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About the Author:

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Violet St. Karl’s love affair with science fiction and fantasy began at the tender age of four when she first saw Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, but nearly three decades passed before she started transferring the stories in her head onto the computer screen. Unbeknownst to Violet at the time of signing her lease, her Upper West Side apartment was the former site of Edgar Allen Poe’s old farmhouse, where he completed writing the Raven. However, she didn’t begin writing until receiving another sign from the universe a year later. While spending extensive time in Barcelona, she learned her flat once belonged to Mercè Rodoreda i Gurguí, a famous Catalan writer, an indication that living in the former residences of famous dead authors was no coincidence, but a sign to start writing.
After over a decade in New York, Violet recently returned to her roots in the Detroit area where is an advocate and proud Ambassador of the Authors Guild.  When not writing or focused on strengthening the local literary community, she is planning which country to explore next.






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Bookish Resources

Another day with me, hope ya’ll don’t mind! Today I want to talk about what Book resources there are, especially if you may not have a library to go to.

I love libraries and I intend on doing a nice post about them at some point but this prompt isn’t meant to exclude anyone, so let’s all share our ideas on what to do if there’s not a local library available!

[Thank you to Sam & Clo for putting this event together!]

There are of course conventional routes, do you have a fellow reading friend nearby or at least one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to send post to? If you do you may want to consider borrowing or swapping books, pooling together a selection of books means helping yourself and a friend out if possible!

If possible there’s also a chance of maybe starting your own neighborhood library, stick books you’re tired of in a location that’s okay to have a little library and maybe others will do the same, and voila you’ve made your own library! But! That’s not always a realistic option.

I also know there are mobile library services that are independent and run to rural parts of countries, quite a few countries have them, look at the link about one of them below to get more information!

I tend to really use Amazon’s free e-books, now, I know there are issues with Kindle locations that restrict others from having the multitude of free eBooks that US Kindle readers do. So I’m providing some other options below:

[Sidenote: You CAN change your Kindle’s location, I keep mine set in the US though I live in the UK and I have access to the US Kindle selections instead of the UK. So that might be an option for some!]

Mobile Libraries

Now I’ve linked an article over some great mobile libraries in India, mostly because for those who live in the UK here, our more rural areas do have mobile libraries and that information is right there on our library sites as they’re connected to the libraries whereas these are different as they’re mostly just amazing people doing amazing things to bring books to readers.

World Library

A pretty damn cool online library, now if you do have a library card you can use it if your institution is linked to it and it’s free, but you can pay $8.95 a year and use it on your own, which is great if you have the 8.95 to pay for it but don’t have a library near you. It’s a great international site and the moment my library card from the States expires I’ll be switching to it and giving you all more information. I am not sure what languages are available so I’ll look into that more!

That’s another thing though, feel free to look into Overdrive/Libby and not just World Library if you have access to them!

Open Library

This one is completely free, it has mostly older things (ones where the copyright has run out) but it does have newer stuff too, and again, completely free! I’ve just signed up for this and someone who loves classic Sci-fi I’m in heaven but I don’t know that I would recommend it to someone who wants the newest reads. It also offers kid books, and I mean some of them are from this century as I don’t think Kermit was around in Victorian children’s books. [Books are in English from what it appears]


This is another one where it’s things that have run out on copyright but you get direct (and legal) downloads. These books are of course available to buy at bookstores but for those who don’t mind or prefer eBooks, they’re free, the copyright has run out. This one also offers audiobooks and multiple languages, and it lets you know about how many books it has for the various languages offered, check it out:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 3.54.04 PM


Tomorrow’s prompt is more about book lending and book swapping tomorrow, we can weigh the pros and cons together and I’d love to hear what you all prefer out of the two.

But more than that, I’d love to hear what you have to say about what resources are available to you or what ones you’d like to be available.

I’d love to do more to help out about this someday so I hope some of my links prove somewhat useful and I can’t wait to read your posts as well!