Read for the very first time

Thanks, Clo for another fun prompt to do! Check hers out here!

[Thank you to Sam & Clo for putting this event together!]

What books would I want to read again for the very first time?

[Get it? Madonna’s Like a Virgin?? Bahaha ok I’m done]

For series, There’s one, once more very obvious answer from me

I can’t help it, I would love to reread the magic of Harry getting all those letters, to have Hagrid come out to get Harry, after having dropped him off 11 years prior and Harry’s first foray into Diagon Alley. That’s what I would choose.

Chronicles of Narnia would have been on this list if it hadn’t been for the fact I’m not finished reading it. So it gets the honorable mention for now.

What about other books? Because quite frankly I could probably fill this with just series and that’s not what I want, I want to explore a bit more.

So what Sci-fi Novel would I want to read again for the first time?

Ender’s Game

or Dune

And the Agatha Christie read I wish I could read for the very first time?

[By the way, this is my fave screen adaptation of it, and I’ve seen most of them]

I think I would also have loved the chance to read The Forsyte Saga for the first time.

[Another great screen adaptation but despite this face, we do not like this character, remember that! It’s just the only gif for this and I wanted to stick with the theme lol]

I always envy people reading or watching something I love for the first time, cause they’re getting that moment of amaze and joy that you only get once. But! The great thing about a reread is you etch it into your heart a little more each time, so there’s solace in that.

So there we have it, some of the books I would love to read for the first time over again.

[Sorry, couldn’t help myself, this song was in my head the whole time writing]