March in Review


So I was still pretty brand-spankin’ new to the book blogging world when I wrote my February wrap up, so, hopefully, this one is a bit better!

I tried to split the haul from the review so it’s not like ‘death by long post.’

Now, I didn’t read all those books form the haul, I’m not a miracle worker lol. Besides I have the NetGalley list to keep fighting before I can return to my own shelves.

What did I read?






























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What I’ve Posted:


  1. The Dresden Files: Storm Front
  2. Off Planet eARC Review
  3. Anna Undreaming ARC Review
  4. Ready Player One Review
  5. The Bird King eARC Review
  6. Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain eARC Review
  7. Descendant of the Crane eARC Review
  8. Stardust Review
  9. [Salty] Mini Review Day
  10. Ghondatha eARC Review
  11. The Fever King eARC Review
  12. Mini Reviews

Regular Posts:

  1. Love and Reading
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  3. Book Vs. Book. Vs. Book
  4. Finding love for Reading

Top 5 Posts:

  1. My Top 5 [YA] Fantasy Series
  2. My Top 5 Mystery Picks

[I won’t put every post from the month, but those might be the most useful, the rest are tags and memes!]

And Finally…

What to look forward to for April?

Bookending Spring 2019!

Bookending Spring 2019 Posts with information on hosts and posts and sign-ups:

Sam’s Bookending Spring 2019 Announcement

Ruby’s Bookending Spring 2019 Announcement

Michelle’s Bookending Spring 2019


That’s it.

I’m done.

I’m dead, I’m going to go nap. [Also may have bought 4 more books today but you can bet your sweet potato asses I’m not editing my haul post.]