My [Kinda] Good Reading Habits!


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Thank you Isabelle @ Bookwyrmbites for the tag! So, I’m overall an incredibly unhealthy person bahaha, but, I’ll give you all what I can!

Reading a physical book at bedtime instead of my Kindle Fire (does not apply to my keyboard kindle)

I don’t always do this but I try to, why? Well, my kindle fire is just like a phone screen, the light can be bad for my eyes and sometimes I get a headache from staring too long at a screen. So! I try to keep to my older kindle which has no backlight or physical books. Also when I read my kindle fire it just keeps me up so late because I can’t judge as easily how much is left when I’m not looking at physically how far I’ve gone/actually have left.

Kindle App on my phone

This keeps me from ever being left without something to read. Sometimes I don’t want to take a book or kindle on the train with me, especially if I’m going to a rehearsal and then coming straight back. Not to mention my Kindle(s) and the app will sync and so I never have to worry about remembering my place either! A lot of times though I’ll pick a book to have on my app that is just for times like that so it’ll be a slow burn read but I don’t mind that too much.


A TBR Stack that I’ve already decided to donate

Oh, that’s right, I have a whole stack of books not on my bookshelf but next to it. These books are ones I’m curious about but unless I find myself completely floored and unable to ever part from it, it’s going straight to donation. They are things that aren’t my usual genre, ones where the synopsis has left me with ‘eh sounds okay.’ I received a shit ton of books recently this is why this pile exists. Usually what happens is I’ll buy one or two things from the Charity Shops with the intent of reading and returning. I just find that for me it’s just best to get rid of things I won’t reread again or didn’t love otherwise those books will take up space on my shelves where I could be putting things that have rocked my world. Like my husband. Jk. He’s not on a shelf.


Having a little journal for the purpose of keeping notes on eArcs/free reader copies

I also use this journal to keep up with lists of what I’m reading/what I want to read but it’s mostly for notes. This really helps me when I go to write a review. A lot of times my notes are harsher than the review, but I try not to judge a book for something that’s just personal preference unless I feel it’s something that might ruin it for others. In other words, all my Slytherin-ness is contained in this lovely cosmic covered journal. It really helps though with taking a step back and analyzing my thoughts and see how they might have changed from the start to the finish of the book (for better or worse bahah).

There we go! My [kinda] good reading habits! What are yours?
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