Charity Shop Finds

Yesterday was a day of bounty!!!

Well, sort of, I’m super excited because I got a skirt I’ve been wanting but we also scored 3 new books from our Charity shop finds.

Here we go! The haul for 16/02

John Steinbeck, The Short Novels £1.50
[This was my husband’s pick, because only the powers beyond know how much I hate Steinbeck lol]

The Gift of Rain £1.50
[This also gets to go towards my YARC once I read it, so yay!]


Thirteen Reasons Why £1.50
[I’ve heard a lot of hype on this, good and bad and want to see what it’s all about for myself, I only watched the first episode on Netflix and maybe not even all of it, all I know is when I heard how dark it got I decided to hold off]

Total: £ 4.50

Not too shabby! I’m working on my current ARC and The Romanovs and Dead Man’s Blues still, had a busy weekend and taking it easy a little too.