Charity Shop Finds!

Hey all! I had no intentions of buying more books but I saw a couple I just couldn’t pass up and it’s 2 for .99p so….can you blame me? What did I score? Check it out!


Coraline and The Graveyard Book. Tbh, these books look brand new and I loved the movie Coraline, I knew it was a book and I finally get to read it! Eventually, these will be more appropriate for my daughter but for now they go on my shelf.

What am I doing about now? Well, I’m really enjoying trying to be active in the bookblogging and bookstagram communities, and I am still reading!

Current reads:

The Alienist (1/4 done, and will burn through it without the other book I reviewed yesterday bahaha)

The Parisians (Just started and already I’m really enjoying the lightness of it and the ease that it flows with)

I am thinking about doing a list post, what do you think should I do my top 5 favorite (Spellcheck keeps insisting to turn me British. I WILL NOT ADD THAT U!) series or my top 5 favorite Sci-fi books? Let me know! And I’d love to hear about your current reads and/or charity shop finds!

That’s it for me, I’m pooped, I’m going to go roll up like a burrito in my feather duvet.